Midcontinent ISO

Potomac Economics serves as the Independent Market Monitor (IMM) for the Midcontinent ISO (MISO).

Wind generator turbines on summer landscape

MISO is a non-profit company that provides transmission service in the Midwest region of the U.S. and operates wholesale markets for electricity and related services. These include markets for energy, operating reserves, capacity, and transmission rights.

As the Independent Market Monitor, Potomac Economics receives data continuously that is used to evaluate the performance of the markets and identify conduct by MISO or its market participants that compromise the efficiency or distort the outcomes of the markets. In addition to this real time monitoring, Potomac Economics produces an annual report assessing the competitive performance of the markets and other reports as necessary focused on specific market issues.

Complaint Hotline

As a customer of MISO or a participant in its markets, you may request investigations or raise market issues for the Independent Market Monitor to investigate.  These requests or complaints may address the conduct of market participants or the actions of MISO itself.  Please submit such requests or complaints by e-mail to feedback@potomaceconomics.com

David Patton Michael Wander
President Vice President